10 Session for £10 T&Cs

1)      Claiming and Redeeming Offer
People can claim this offer via Groupon, Wowcher, or Facebook.
1a) Those who have claimed the offer via a coupon website will already have paid and will need to bring their printed Voucher to reception on the first visit. The voucher will then be retained as proof that it has been claimed.
1b) Those who have claimed the offer Via Facebook will not have paid and will need to pay the full amount, in this case £10, upfront on the first session they attend. Following sessions should be followed up at reception but will not need to be paid for. They should show their email to the Gym reception as proof of having claimed this offer.

2)      Refunds
All people who have claimed this offer have 6 weeks to redeem their 10 Sessions. If the customer has not used all 10 sessions after 6 weeks, they will not be entitled to any partial refund.
2a) No refunds in part or in full are available with this offer, regardless of how many sessions have been redeemed.

3)      Gym Only Sessions
This offer applies to the GYM AREA ONLY
3a) You cannot use this offer to redeem any BJJ/MMA/Kickboxing classes.

If you have any further enquiries, please ring 0191 4691007 or email info@badboygyms.co.uk

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