Bad Boy Training Centre offers a wide range of tuition in various sports and disciplines, such as BJJ, K-1 Kickboxing, Wrestling and MMA in Newcastle, Gateshead. Tuition can be in an open group class or a private one-to-one or group session. All MMA Training and Personal Training is taught by instructors of the very highest calibre, many of the whom have competed and trained others at the very highest level of their sport.

Their aim is to bring their knowledge and experience into every one of the classes and make it accessible for all gym members, no matter the age, gender or ability. While all classes are taught expertly, our aim is to make training fun and, of course, to give you a great workout. We guarantee you will enjoy learning something new about your chosen discipline, whether you are a professional fighter or a complete newbie. We want to equip you with the real skills and techniques each sport has to offer, but also get in the best shape of your life.

Classes at Bad Boy Training Centre are also avenues for taking your chosen sport to the highest level. All the coaches are experienced and knowledgeable of the road to becoming a champion in their field. You will also see many top level athletes training alongside you, they and the coaches will be happy to give you any advice and guidance about competing and taking your sport to the next level.

Our classes

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