Dustin ‘Clean’ Denes Seminar


Dustin ‘Clean’ Denes, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt from De La Riva and Minotauro Jiu-Jitsu stopped by Bad Boy gym on his UK seminar tour.

Friday night’s 2.5 hour seminar turned into 5 hours of intense submission drills and insane pinning drills.

Denes reputation for intensity is not exaggerated, He joked “You don’t attend a ‘Clean’ seminar, you survive it!”

Someone was sick, someone passed out, and someone’s nose spontaneously started bleeding, all from the pressure of the drills. Dustin’s relentless attention to detail and energy was inspirational.

His passion for jiu-jitsu and sincere interest in every person that made the effort to attend was exciting to be around, and we hope to repeat the event if Dustin’s packed seminar schedule allows for him to return to the UK as planned in Autumn.

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