Kid’s MMA & BJJ Belt Grading & Syllabus

 We use the current junior BJJ grading system and apply it to MMA. This ensures there is consistency across MMA and BJJ classes. It also gives a clear path of development into the senior classes, this gives children the opportunity to grade in both MMA and BJJ if they want to. We run grading every 8 weeks where children will be awarded their belts or stripes; the kids get a certificate to accompany each new belt they reach in their discipline.

The diagram below explains the current BJJ grading system, along with age categories:


As you can see the maximum ranking for children under 16 is green belt. Also note the use of stripes to show progression within each belt. This system is well recognised and easy to follow.

MMA Kids Syllabus

The requirements below show what is needed for each belt. The coaches will decide if the kids are ready to progress to the next belt, but if they are not quite ready they can earn stripes to represent their progress and so that they still feel a sense of achievement. Once a child has 4 stripes on their belt, they can then be put forward for a full belt promotion. Here are the requirements which children must demonstrate to earn belts:

 Grey Belt MMA Requirements


  • Break-falls – front, back and side
  • Technical stand up moving forwards and backwards
  • Forward and backward rolls


  • Escape from mount – technique and under pressure
  • Side control – technique and under pressure


  • Sprawl
  • Double leg takedown


  • Basic stance and footwork
  • Maintaining a guard
  • Straight punches


Yellow Belt MMA Requirements 


  • Escaping the back
  • 2 guard passes
  • Maintaining mount and side control top position
  • Full roll with another yellow belt


  • Single leg takedown offense and defense
  • Body-lock takedown
  • Standing head lock and guillotine defense


  • Hooks and uppercuts in combination with straight punches
  • Slipping and rolling under punches
  • Knees to the body


Orange Belt MMA Requirements


  • Armbar offense and defense from guard
  • Triangle offense and defense from guard
  • Guillotine offense and defense from guard
  • 4 guard passes
  • Full roll with another orange belt


  • Single and double legs chained together in combination
  • Single and double leg offense and defense against the cage
  • Greco and free style controlled wrestling sparring with another green/orange belt


  • Leg kicks on both sides, chained together with punches in combination
  • Body kicks on both sides, chained together with punches in combination
  • Semi contact body sparring with a green/orange belt


Green Belt MMA Requirements


  • Punches from the guard, side control and mount
  • Kimura and americana from side control
  • 2 half guard sweeps and passes
  • Rolling with another green belt
  • Rolling with light body strikes included


  • Single and double legs with striking set ups
  • Basic hip toss
  • Kick catches and leg sweeps
  • Thai clinch sparring with knees to the body


  • Front and rear push kicks
  • Head kicks on both sides, chained together with punches in combination
  • Front kicks on the front and rear foot
  • Semi contact body sparring with another green belt


If you require any further information about the Kid’s MMA Syllabus, see our information on classes or please do not hesitate to contact us.

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