Ryan Roddy

From Ireland, Ryan Roddy teaches Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and MMA at the BBTC. Purple belt Ryan was the NFL Lightweight Champion before he signed exclusively to Cage Warriors fighting championship.

Ryan’s slick Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling and striking are products of his methodical attention to detail in structuring his training. Ryan originally played Rugby and Gaelic Football til the age of 16. Soon after, he dropped these sports to begin training full time in MMA after being inspired from seeing his first UFC event.

Training alongside fellow MMA coach and fighter Tommy Quinn, he began training under Emmett Mcnally. His first semi-pro fight came one year later aged 17 and he currently holds a professional record of 6-1-0. At 18 Ryan moved to England to further his development and train under head BBTC coach Peter Irving. He won the Northern Fight league Pro Title ages 20 and since that has progressed through to achieve a purple belt in BJJ.


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