The Warrior’s Workout & Nutrition Tips

Food Tips

Eat more veggies

Unless you are eating 6-7 servings of veggies per day almost without fail, you could stand to eat more vegetables.

Micro and phytonutrients improve skin quality, cognitive function, protein digestion, join health, gut health and can improve recovery. Fibre also aids digestion which improves nutrient absorbtion, reduces bloating and mediates risk of cancers.

It’s easy to eat enough protein and anybody can get 2 or 3 sprigs of broccoli once per day but long term health, performance and longevity in your sport means you need to make it a priority! Nobody looks good naked unless they are healthy


Don’t cut food groups

The only reason to cut out a food group is because you have been advised to by a medical professional based upon results of a blood test.

Eliminating dairy/gluten/carbs/sugar because your PT said so or you read it in a book is unnecessary and potentially harmful to your results.

And never trust the “I feel better” reasoning, as the placebo effect is a powerful thing!!


Workout Tips:

Never stop learning!

Sports science is one of the fastest moving fields of study, with more and more information becoming available every day!
If you ignore this information, you are likely to get far little reward from your hard work than you expect or deserve, and risk either wasting your time or making things unnecessarily difficult!

Of course, there is a huge amount of misinformation out there regarding training and nutrition (gluten devils and insulin fairies anyone?) so it’s important to pick your sources carefully.

Good sources of information are:

If you can go to the effort of prepping meals and busting your ass in the gym, learning about how to do it more efficiently shouldn’t feel a chore


Build the ghetto booty

Glute training is not just for girls. Building strong glutes not only makes you look better in jeans, it improves posture, reduces back pain and will have a MASSIVE carryover to just about every lift you do!

Squat below parallel, deadlift regularly and incorporate glute bridges and hip thrusts into your lower body training for maximal improvement!

Find your squat stance easily

Ever wondered exactly what your foot placement should be for squats? Stand feet shoulder width apart, squat deep, jump as high as you can and land still.

Boom – that’s your foot placing.


Mix it up

Progression is about mixing things up and changing the variables to put the body under a different type of pressure, shocking it into making adaptation progress.

Looking for an awesome way to hit the chest, try some delayed negative bench press as your initial compound movement in your chest routine.

The pump will be insane!

Naturally wearing a pair of Badboy sphere tights as worn by Dan Warrior Singh make all the difference 😉

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